What’s happening with Irish Women’s Convention this year?

This year Irish Women’s convention is going online on Saturday the 10th of October. We are looking forward to hearing from our speaker, Sharon James on the topic of “Growing In Love For God”. She will be asking the question, “How can we increase in our enjoyment of, and fellowship with God as he reveals himself to us in each person of the Trinity?” Sharon will illustrate each talk with examples of women in church history who experienced the joy of a personal and living relationship with the Triune God. This equipped these women to remain faithful through the most painful of circumstances.

That sounds exciting, what else do I need to know?

The three talks will last approximately 20-25 minutes and will be available from 10amon our Youtube channel with links on our Facebook page and website.

 There is no need to sign up or register the event – just simply put the date in your diary and consider watching it either as a group (as social distancing allows) or from the comfort of your own home. There will be a booklet for the day available to download from the website and facebook with talk outlines and some book recommendations.