As 21st century women, we are constantly challenged to ‘have it all’ – husband, family, career, independence, acclaim, equality, respect . . . But as 21st century christian women, the question is, do we actually want it? And more importantly, is that how God designed us?

In a world of mixed and powerful messages, Carrie Sandom takes us back to God’s original design for men and women. Many may regard the Bible’s teaching on the complementary roles of men and women as outdated. However, properly understood, God’s design is just relevant today as it was when He brought this world into existence. Beginning with Genesis 1–3, but drawing on the whole canon of Scripture, Carrie examines God’s original design and how is has been marred by the fall. She then looks at how the work of Jesus on the cross has restored that design and will one day perfect it. Looking in detail at the biblical principles of equality, diversity and complementarity, the author affirms us as women in our God–given roles.

However, she also allows us to be challenged; are we being shaped by the culture around us? To what extent are we following our own sinful desires? Are we allowing our attitudes to others to be shaped by the truth of God’s word?

In bringing us back to the biblical truth of God’s created order, Carrie tackles a rarely talked about issue for christian women; how do we encourage the men in our churches to be all that God has called them to be? In fact, do we sometimes use our gifts and talents to the detriment of our brothers in Christ?

With clear teaching and helpful applications to marriage, the workplace and church, ‘Different by Design’ is a great challenge and encouragement to christian women of all ages and stages of life.