Carolyn Mahaney is a pastors wife from America. In this short book she is up to date on the challenges we face as women today.

Looking at Titus 2 and the unchanging truths of God’s word she shows how living God’s way transforms lives completely and gives us a clear view of biblical femininity. Carolyn is warm and encouraging in her writing style and soundly biblical and practical. It’s like having one of those ‘older women’ in Titus2 standing by you with their words of wisdom and help, something I have valued very much along life’s path.

We are urged to be transformed by Titus2, there are then eight chapters looking at for example ‘The safety of self control’, ‘The rewards of kindness’, and ‘The pleasure of purity’. The sub title of the book is seven virtues of a godly wife and mother but I think it’s a useful read for any women, married or single.

There are discussion questions and a study guide included at the back so maybe you could read it along with some other women. Some women have enjoyed it so much they have given it to all their married daughters!